How it All Began

My name is Meeka Fayetima and ever since I was a child, I was a certified water baby. Born in Brooklyn, NY to parents hailing from Antigua and Louisiana, I was blessed to have a childhood filled with beach trips, lake days, and lots of travel.

I’m passionate about ocean conservation, sustainability, and wellness. As a PADI scuba diver, Advanced Mermaid, and freediver, my happy place is in the ocean. It’s a place where the world goes silent and you’re left alone with your thoughts and Allah’s beautiful creations. I believe that romanticizing your life is the cheat code to living a life you’ll be proud of.

That’s why, after graduating from Howard University, I moved to Dakar, Senegal to teach and explore. My time abroad gave me the space I needed to cultivate a strong sense of identity and solidified my lifelong passion for travel.

Black woman with afro in green, yellow, and white mermaid tail and silver sequined bra sitting in front of a pool

An Actual Black Mermaid

Yes, I may have a flair for the dramatics. I love ocean photography and see mermaiding as breathable art. I received my PADI Advanced Mermaid certification in Bali and try to bring my tail with me all across the globe.

meeka fayetima

Ocean Child

My mission is to inspire more women to romanticize their lives. Fall in love with the ocean, travel to the places your heart yearns for, and escape to nature. Wanderlust + Wellness is key.

Get to Know Me

Forever On Repeat

Mango- Masego

I’d spend all my money on

flights , food, and freediving suits

My Birth Chart

☉ pisces, ☾ scorpio, ↑ cancer



My Favorite TV Show

the office

My Happy Place IS

the ocean

Favorite Hobby


My Favorite Person IS

my sister

Favorite Color Combo

pink + peach

I Can’t Live Without



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