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12 Day Italy Itinerary

I wasn’t prepared to fall in love with Italy the way I did. Months later and I still dream of how fresh the food was prepared, how astonishingly beautiful the beaches are, and how magical Venice is. If you are trying to decide between Italy and somewhere else, choose Italy. It is a life changing experience.

I had big plans for Italy. My original itinerary had about 5-6 cities on it. But after riding the Trenitalia ( Italian train system) during COVID, I decided to slow down. Italy would be seeing me again Insha Allah.

I don’t like wasting days on travel so I decided to book an open jaw plane ticket that arrived in Venice, took the train to Cinque Terre, and then took another train to Rome. I then flew back home . If you’re working with limited time, I definitely suggest you to do the same.

Italy Itinerary

Day 1 of your 12-Day Italy Itinerary

Fly to Venice

To get from the Venice Airport to your Hotel, you have a few options:

Alilaguna Water Bus

Pros: Affordable (~15 Euros),

Cons: Short wait for

Water Taxi

Pros: Most Lux experience, Less Waiting Time, Amazing views, Delivers you directly to your hotel.

Cons: Most expensive ( ~120 Euros)

ATVO Bus Service from VCE to Venice

Pros: Cheapest (~8)

Cons: The bus drops you off at Pizzale Roma. You will then need to purchase a Vaperetto ( a Venetian public waterbus) ticket to get you closer to your hotel and then walk from your stop. Don’t pack heavy as you must carry your luggage around and off the boat.

Drop your luggage off at your hotel. Rest

Dinner at a local restaurant. Make sure only to trust restaurants with price on menu. I got scammed by a waiter who overcharged me for the fish by saying that it weighed much more than it did.

Recommended Restaurant: Dalla Marisa or Riva Rialto Ristorante for a romantic view & amazing photos

DAY 2 of your 12-Day Italy Itinerary

Get coffee at one of the many local coffee shops. One recommendation is

Walk to Piazza San Marco/ St.Martin’s Square and admire the historical architecture . it’s home to the Doge’s Palace, St. Mark’s Basilica, and the orange campanile bell tower. Make sure to cover your legs and shoulders when visiting the Basilica or you may not be allowed in.

Lunch: Rossopomodoro (Try the Pettole as one of your appetizers ! You will fall in love)

It was all so yummy! (Assorted appetizers)

Visit the Libreria Acqua Alta, an eccentric-looking bookstore. You can even take a FREE photo in a gondola.

Go shopping! There are so many cute shops where you can pick up local goods, gelato, luxury handbags and shoes, locally-made leather goods, etc. Make sure to leave room in your luggage though 🙂

Take a walk by St. Martin’s Square again. There is usually an outside band and the water looks beautiful. It’s a good place to buy small toys or for kids to run around if you’re traveling with little ones.


DAY 3 of your 12-Day Italy Itinerary


Take a ride on the Gondola

All my gondolas photos came out ridiculously awkward 🙁

Try Gelatoteca Suso’s Gelato. They have a few vegan options as well.

Visit Peggy Guggenheim or Gallerie dell’Accademia or do a Murano Glass and Burano Lace Tour


DAY 4 of your 12-Day Italy Itinerary

Train to Cinque Terre (4-5 hours)

It doesn’t even look real does it 😍😍

Cinque Terre is made out of 5 islands. Each has unique quirks about them. I stayed in Monterosso and loved it. It seems to be the biggest island. You can always hike or take the train to the other islands. Vernazza is a must! It’s gorgeous.

Cinque Terre is known for its pesto, sardines (made many different ways) and it’s beauty.

Locally made pesto, bruschetta, and sardines 3 different ways

Cars are not allowed within Cinque Terre but you can park your rental at the train station for a fee. You will have to walk your luggage from the train station to your AirBnB and those steps are steep! Seriously, there’s a lot of stairs. If you have any mobility issues, I seriously advise you to choose a place to stay that is on the main road , near the ocean.


Restaurants close a bit early and shops aren’t open all night so focus on getting food and snacks. Take a walk on the boardwalk.

DAY 5 of your 12-Day Italy Itinerary


Go to the Beach. The paid beaches are worth the money imo.

Eat at Il Bocconcinco. It looks like a fast food spot but that was some of the best seafood I’ve had during my entire trip in Italy. I never knew calamari could taste so good.

Go for a sunset cruise. AirBnB Experiences makes it really easy to find one. Make sure to call ahead of times as they as often canceled due to weather or water conditions.

Dinner/Rest and then Stare out your window and thank God for being Blessed enough to witness Cinque Terre’s Beauty for yourself!


Take a pesto making class

Go Paddle boating or snorkeling



Relax! Eat and Be merry


Travel to Rome ( 3-4 Hours by Train) I suggest an early train

I recommend staying in the Trastevere neighborhood, near the Pantheon, or near Trevi Fountain.

Settle in and just walk around. You’re bound to see something interesting.


DAY 9 of your 2 Week Italy Itinerary

Early Breakfast

Vatican City Tour ( Book in advance and cover legs and shoulders)


Book a Vintage Vespa (Moped) Tour to see most of the major Rome Sights (Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Colosseum, the Temple of Venus, etc) without hurting your feet. My tour guide, Alex taught me so many interesting things that I would have never known. A cheaper alternative to a Vespa Tour is the Bus Hop On/Hop Off tour and the Golf Cart tour.


Experience an Aperitivo. An aperitivo is a pre-meal drink, similar to Happy Hour but drinking alcohol is not mandatory. There are lots of food and non alcoholic beverages too. Your options are endless.


DAY 10 of your 2 Week Italy Itinerary


Rome Food Tour (Trip Advisor or AirBnB experiences)

or a Day trip to Amalfi Coast ( I suggest saving a multi-day visit there on future trip)

Pasta Making Class

DAY 11 of your 2 Week Italy Itinerary


Pasta Making Class

Go shopping! You can save hundreds of dollars due to the VAT, tax refund. Make sure to save your receipt and you must spend more than 175 Euros.


DAY 12of your 2 Week Italy Itinerary


Last Minute Gifts

Give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport.

Depart Rome

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