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Lisbon has quickly become a top 2022 destination. It’s a gorgeous city, more affordable than some European countries, and has a large expat population.

1. Walk around the Timeout Market in Lisbon

The Timeout Market is a foodies paradise. Top chefs and restaurateurs from around the country come together to provide the best that Lisbon has to offer. Some days they have cooking courses, dancing classes, and live music. The food was sooooo good. Fish, octopus, baked goods, coffee, there’s no way you will leave hungry.

2. Visit the Tower of Belem

The Tower of Belem is a 16th-century fort that sits on the water. It’s not extremely crowded but I would try to get there early if you want fewer people in your photos. It’s a beautiful building but I wouldn’t pay to go inside because there’s not much to see.

3. Eat at Pastéis de Belém, a Lisbon Delicacy

While you’re near the Tower of Belem, I suggest eating at the Pastéis de Belém. Try making a reservation in advance as there is usually an extremely long line. I spent about 40 minutes in line and it was very crowded inside. I recommend coming early as they do sell out of crowd favorites. Definitely try their namesake, the Pastéis de Belém but also save room to explore other dishes.

The pastéis de Belém are delicious here, but truthfully, I had others that were just as good at other bakeries so if you’re short on time, it’s okay to skip.

4. Visit Sintra for the Day

I’ve been twice and both times I’ve gone home extremely tired. It’s a lot of walking. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes. I suggest researching the places you would like to visit while at Sintra. There’s so much to see that it can easily be a 2-day trip but I don’t recommend it if you’re short on time. My favorite places to visit there are:

Peña Palace

Castle of the Moors

Palácio Nacional e Jardins de Queluz

Quinta da Regaleira

Cabo da Roca

5. Take a Surfing Class in Carcavelos

I took an amazing introductory surfing class through Airbnb experiences. The class was pretty fun and they were very patient. They usually start a bit early and have transportation if leaving from Lisbon. Make sure to eat before going to the class. There are restaurants near the surf camp but they are a bit expensive and I wasn’t happy with my meal. The decor is gorgeous and gives off a Bali vibe.

6. Have a photoshoot at the Pink Street

Did you really go to Lisbon if you don’t have a photo of the Pink Street? While there eat at one of the many restaurants and cafes. Little known fact: The Pink Street used to be a very dodgy area filled with crime but the government decided to rebrand the area by painting the road pink and adding more restaurants.

7. Visit the Monastery of Jerónimos

It’s absolutely gorgeous and it’s also a UNESCO World Heritage site. If you’re a history buff, it’s a must visit. It’s also a few minute walk from other historical places such as the Museu Nacional de Arqueologia, Museu Coleção Berardo ( Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art, and the Cultural Center of Belem. There are lots of amazing cafes around as well.

Although Lisbon is an amazing city, if you have more time do visit other areas such as Portimão, Aveiro, and Porto. Portugal has so much to offer and so much to see.

Monastery of Jerónimos

8. Visit Ler Devager 📚 , the Most Beautiful Bookstore in Lisbon

If you are a book lover, you have to visit Ler Devager. The bookstore is extremely cozy and everyone was super helpful. I really wanted to read a book by an Afro-Portuguese writer so they recommended General Theory of Oblivion by José Eduardo Agualusa. It was a great read about colonial Portugal.

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  1. Thank you so much Meeka for this post! For sure I will add Lisbon to the list of the places to be visited, and it’s not s far away from Milan. You really write well, and provide a lot of useful and interesting info!