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Women everywhere have been sharing scary incidents where they felt unsafe in hotels. These safety tips should help solo travelers be more prepared for anything that comes their way.

  1. Read reviews. Stay at hotels in good areas when possible. Don’t
  2. Share your location at all times.
  3. Pre-plan your transportation from the airport to your hotel.
  4. Get travel insurance.
  5. Hotel doorstop
  6. Personal Alarm/ Whistle
  7. Schedule a daylight arrival.
  8. Bring extra cash and place it away from your everyday wallet/purse.
  9. RFID-Blocking wallet or bag
  10. Print multiple copies of your passport, itinerary, COVID results/vaccination info.
  11. Don’t tell people that you’re traveling solo.
  12. Stay sober and don’t buy illegal substances. In some countries, you can end up in jail for years or even given the death penalty. Like America, you never know if you’re talking with a drug dealer, undercover police officer, or stick-up kid.
  13. Don’t wear your expensive jewelry. Use fake wedding rings.
  14. Research local scams in your destination.
  15. Dress and carry yourself in a way that is respectful to the local culture. That means no pum pum shorts in Egypt, no cut out dresses in Dakar, and no mini skirts by the Vatican.
  16. Use Uber, Lyft, or local rideshare apps. This way, there is more documentation if something was to go wrong.
  17. Use mini hairspray as a pepper spray alternative. Pepper spray is considered a weapon in some countries so I advise not to travel with.
  18. Don’t share your exact location on social media. I like to post my location once I’m at my next location.
  19. Download a local map.
  20. Bring portable phone chargers.
  21. Ask hotel staff about which neighborhoods to visit and those to avoid.
  22. Leave your passport in the safe or another safe place.
  23. Stay in women-only hostels or ride in women-only buses/trains when possible (very common in the Middle East)
  24. Stay away from political or religious conversations with people you don’t know.

BONUS: I don’t care how fine they are, don’t go back to their house.

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