woman with pink fins swimming towards a large underwater shipwreck with small multi-colored fish swimming around
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Bali Freediving Guide

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Best Time to Freedive in Bali

Bali is a freedivers dream! Bali has a tropical climate with distinct wet and dry seasons. The best time for freediving in Bali is generally during the dry season when conditions are more favorable. The dry season typically runs from April to October. Here’s a breakdown of the seasons:

Dry Season (April to October)

Temperature:The weather is generally drier and cooler during these months.

Visibility:Underwater visibility tends to be better due to lower rainfall, offering clearer views of the vibrant marine life and coral reefs.

Sea Conditions: The sea is generally calmer during the dry season, providing better conditions for freediving.

2. Wet Season (November to March):

Temperature:The wet season is characterized by higher temperatures and increased humidity.

Rainfall: Bali experiences heavier rainfall during these months, which can affect visibility and sea conditions.

Sea Conditions: The wet season may bring rougher seas and reduced visibility due to runoff from rain.

While the dry season is generally considered the best time for freediving in Bali, it’s essential to keep in mind that conditions can vary, and unexpected weather patterns may occur. Always check local weather forecasts and sea conditions before planning your freediving trips. Additionally, be aware that some dive sites may be affected by seasonal changes, and underwater currents can vary based on the time of year.

Diving in Amed

woman with pink fins swimming towards a large underwater shipwreck with small multi-colored fish swimming around

Amed is located on the eastern coast of Bali, Indonesia. It’s a much slower pace of life than Canggu and if you need a break from the city life, you may enjoy Amed. It’s renowned for its vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life, making it a popular destination for freedivers. Here are some of the best freediving spots in Amed:

1. Japanese Shipwreck (Amed Wall): This site features the remnants of a Japanese shipwreck from World War II and offers a variety of depths for freedivers. The wall is covered in colorful corals and is home to a plethora of marine species.

2. Pyramids: Known for its pyramid-shaped artificial reef structures, this site is great for both snorkeling and freediving. The pyramids attract a wide array of marine life, including schools of fish and interesting critters.

3. Jemeluk Bay: This bay is popular among freedivers due to its calm and clear waters. There are several dive sites within Jemeluk Bay, including the Drop Off and the Coral Garden, offering a range of depths and underwater landscapes.

4. Bunutan: Located just north of Amed, Bunutan offers a mix of coral gardens and walls. The site is known for its stunning coral formations and diverse marine life. It is suitable for freedivers of various skill levels.

5. Lipah Bay: This bay is famous for its vibrant coral gardens and the underwater statue known as the “Goddess of the Sea.” Freedivers can explore the marine life around the statue and enjoy the clear waters of Lipah Bay.

6. Tulamben: While Tulamben is slightly north of Amed, it’s worth mentioning as it’s a renowned dive destination. The USS Liberty Shipwreck is a popular site for freedivers, offering a unique underwater experience with a sunken ship covered in corals.

Remember, it’s essential to prioritize safety while freediving. Always check local conditions, be aware of depth limits, and consider diving with a buddy or under the supervision of a qualified instructor if you’re new to freediving or the specific area.

Freediving Schools in Bali

I used Diving Arts Academy based out of Jakarta for my mermaiding course but here’s a few freediving courses in Bali. 

Blue Corner Freedive Lembongan | Freediving Bali

Freedive Nusa – Freediving School

Apneista – Freediving and Yoga School 

Speaking from experience, before choosing a freediving company, you need to read reviews. If a school or instructor doesn’t have real reviews, don’t book it. Great photos online does not equate to a good experience. 

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