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When visiting Senegal, Dakar is almost always on the list of cities to visit. Dakar is my favorite city on this planet. It’s located on the Atlantic coast, full of amazing culture, and has some of the best food in the world. It’s the largest city in Senegal, with over 1 million people living within its borders.

After living in Dakar for three years, I think I know a few things about which neighborhoods to stay in. First, I recommend staying in neighborhoods based on your itinerary. Some neighborhoods are close to shopping, fresh seafood, or surfing. Your level of comfort & ease strongly depends on which neighborhood you’re in and your specific building. Some neighborhoods are known for having really low water pressure or frequent outages. I suggest staying in more tourist-friendly neighborhoods such as Almadies, Point E, Ngor, and Plateau. Anything past Yoff is far from the city, and traffic can be a headache. Taxi fares can also add up when staying in those neighborhoods.

If you prefer Luxury, I suggest:

  • Point E
  • Almadies
  • Fann

If you prefer to be around local Senegalese culture:

  • Ouakam
  • Liberte 2
  • Mermoz Sacre-Couer
  • Medina ( very busy, better for no-frills lodging )

If you prefer water activities:

  • Almadies
  • Ngor
  • Saly (located outside of Dakar, more of a vacation city)

To Be Near Shopping & Clubbing

  • Plateau
  • Almadies

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