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Planning a last-minute trip to Dakar?

If you’re booking your trip to Dakar last minute, we have you covered. Below are some of the top tours, hotels, and more!

Popular tours/activities in Dakar:
Explore Dakar and Gorée Island full day (Especially if you don’t speak French!)
Pink Lake with Bandia reserve (Lions + the Pink Lake?!!)
Senegalese Street Food Tour in Dakar (My Top Choice!)

🛌  Top Hotels in Dakar:
Hotel Terrou-Bi Beachfront Hotel has amazing views and a delicious buffet.
Radisson Blu Hotel 5 Star Hotel located in the middle of Dakar and close to a major mall
King Fahd Palace Famous 5 Star Hotel near the Beach
Hotel Lagon 2  Waterfront Hotel

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Best Neighborhoods To Stay In Dakar

Choosing the best neighborhood to stay in when visiting Dakar can be tricky on your first trip. I lived in Dakar for three years, so I know a few things about which neighborhoods to stay in.

Dakar is my favorite city on this planet. It’s located on the Atlantic coast, full of amazing culture, and has some of the best food in the world. It’s the largest city in Senegal, with over 1 million people living within its borders and it can get crowded easily.

First, I recommend staying in neighborhoods based on your itinerary and travel style. Some neighborhoods are close to shopping, fresh seafood, or surfing. Your level of comfort & ease strongly depends on which neighborhood you’re in and your specific building. Some neighborhoods are known for having really low water pressure or frequent outages. I suggest staying in more tourist-friendly neighborhoods such as Almadies, Point E, Ngor, and Plateau. Anything past Yoff is far from the city, and traffic can be a headache. Taxi fares can also add up when staying in those neighborhoods.

If You Prefer Luxury Hotels Consider these Neighborhoods:

brown door is open showing nearby red colonial style buildings in Goree , Dakar, Senegal
  1. Point E: Point E is one of the first Senegalese neighborhoods I lived in. It’s considered a safe neighborhood, and there are lots of grocery stores. The beach is only a 20-minute walk away, and it’s very easy to find taxis. The former president has a house in this neighborhood.
  2. Almadies: Almadies is considered an upscale neighborhood. You’ll find many expats working for major NGOs, embassies, and international businesses here. Hotels are more expensive, but the best parties are in this area. There are also lots of restaurants, surfing, and beaches.
  3. Fann: Fann is a safe and quiet neighborhood. It’s in a central location and is usually cheaper than Point E and Almadies.

If you prefer to be around local Senegalese culture:

  • Ouakam: Ouakam has two sides. You want to be near the side of Oukam towards the Corniche. Ouakam has a more local vibe, but you can also access supermarkets and down-to-earth restaurants. I don’t recommend staying far from the Corniche, or you will have to deal with lots of sandy streets and a far walk from the popular restaurants and beach.
  • Liberte 2: Liberte 2 is a very quiet neighborhood. It’s a great way to learn about local Senegalese culture without being too far from the city. There are lots of small shops, and it’s not too far from the city center. I struggled with low water pressure in this area, but it’s a house-to-house issue.
  • Mermoz Sacre-Coeur : I like this area. It’s a great area for long-term living. It’s a vibrant community filled with friendly residents and many local restaurants.
  • Medina: I recommend Medina to backpackers who like adventure and those who like to immerse themselves in the local culture. Medina is very busy, and some areas can be crowded. It’s not the safest neighborhood, but the neighbors are very friendly. Prepare to see lots of goat poop.

Beach Front Neighborhoods in Dakar:

  • Almadies: Almadies is a great place for surfing, swimming, and eating fresh seafood. There are also lots of beach parties here, and Full Moon is a popular party that people enjoy.
  • Ngor: Ngor is pretty laid back. It’s a great place to escape the business of Dakar. The colonial architecture is quite beautiful.
  • Saly: Saly is about 90 km from Dakar. It can take 1.5-2 hours to get there during high traffic. It’s more of a vacation spot. Lots of people go to Saly during the holiday or with friends. If you’re short on time, two days is good for Saly. In my experience, it’s not a party city, you have to bring the party with you.

Dakar Hotels: For Those Who Love Shopping, Clubbing, and the Arts

  • Plateau: Plateau is home to the Presidential Palace. It also has well-known art galleries, cafes, and clubs. Sandaga, a popular market, is within walking distance.
  • Almadies: There are many clubs in Almadies that are within walking distance of one another. These clubs can be fun, but some have shady characters. I’ll write a post about that another time.
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