youth climbing on a rockwall at Sportrock alexandria
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Kid-Friendly Activities in Old Town Alexandria and Beyond

Fortune Magazine ranked Alexandria as one of the top 20 best places to live for families, so rest assured, there are lots of fun things to do in Alexandria with kids. From interactive kid-friendly attractions to outdoor adventures, Alexandria has something for everyone.

Let’s dive into the top things to do as a family in Alexandria.

Jones Point Park

bike lane and walking trail  in park under Woodrow Wilson bridge in Old Town Alexandria

Jones Point Park is in Old Town Alexandria, underneath the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. It has multiple walking trails and a paved bike lane. There’s also a basketball court, a large open field, a kayaking deck, and much more. Families throw picnics in the large open field or host mini-soccer games in the summer. I’ve even seen Rennaissance Fair reenactors practicing in an open space.

There’s a clean bathroom and a water fountain. One of the best things about this park is that due to its location, there’s always shade. Bring your skates, fishing gear, or picnic basket, and have a fantastic time. And visit the historic Jones Point Lighthouse while you’re there.

Visit Lego Discovery Center DC

If you want a child-friendly, educational, and fun attraction, check out the Lego Discovery Center DC. For those looking to get hands-on with LEGO bricks, there are plenty of opportunities to build and create. The center features interactive play areas where kids and adults can unleash their creativity and construct their masterpieces. From building tall towers to racing LEGO cars, the possibilities are endless.

In addition to the creative play areas, the LEGO Discovery Center offers immersive experiences such as 4D cinema screenings and themed LEGO rides. These attractions provide extra excitement and entertainment for visitors of all ages.

For families with younger children, dedicated areas are specifically designed for toddlers, ensuring that even the littlest builders can join the fun. Plus, the center often hosts special events and workshops, allowing visitors to dive deeper into the world of LEGO and learn new building techniques from expert builders.

Go Rock Climbing at Sportrock

If your kiddos are adventurous, consider taking them rock climbing. Sportrock is a kid-friendly rock climbing gym in Alexandria. Children will receive instruction from qualified instructors while parents supervise. They provide age-appropriate gear and classes if you’re interested in long-term instruction.

youth climbing on a rockwall at Sportrock alexandria
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Kid-Friendly Dinner at La Fiamma Italian Kitchen 

Having dinner with children can be stressful sometimes, but not at La Fiamma Italian Kitchen. This authentic Italian restaurant hosts a kid’s eating area with kid-sized tables and chairs, fun activities, crayons, and cartoons. Children can choose between butterfly or heart-shaped pizzas. They also have gluten-free options.

Tall Ship Providence -Fun Things to Do in Alexandria with Kids

Visiting Tall Ship Providence is essential if you want to instill your children’s love of history through play. Guests can tour a replica of a historical American warship while learning about Alexandrian and American history. Most tours are dockside, but during the warmer months, they offer sunset tours.

Great Waves Waterpark

During the summer, Great Wave Waterpark is my favorite place to go. They have a few water slide options, perfect for all adventure levels. There’s also the legendary waze pool, which children cannot get enough of. If you prefer to read a book, then cruise down the lazy river. There’s also a toddler-friendly play area with shallow waters and interactive activities. Consider renting a cabana if you’re feeling fancy and want a break from the crowds.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Kids love trampoline parks! At Sky Zone Trampoline Park, they can bounce, jump, and flip to their hearts’ content. They also have foam pits to jump into or obstacle courses to conquer. It’s an excellent way for kids to meet new friends. They also offer specials for birthday parties and events.

Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum

The Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum is a hidden gem. Children will love the Harry Potter references. They have an annual Harry Potter event that explores the herbs and potions in the Harry Potter book collection. Children can also make their own potion to take home.

Alexandria Black History Museum

The Alexandria Black History Museum is a great way to learn about the historical significance of the Black community in Alexandria, Virginia. It’s located a short walk from the Contrabands and Freedmen Cemetery Memorial. Visiting these two places would provide some hands-on learning about American history while enjoying the beauty of Old Town Alexandria.

Alexandria Public Library

I have so many unforgettable memories from the library. The Alexandria Public Library has robust programming for children. They offer baby time activities. storytelling, and educational contests. There’s also an American Doll lending program that children will love!

Fun Stuff for Toddlers to Do in Alexandria

Soft Play Room

A soft play room is an indoor space designed specifically for young children to play and explore in a safe and padded environment. These areas typically consist of soft foam or padded structures, such as climbing frames, slides, tunnels, and ball pits, all designed to stimulate children’s physical activity and imagination. Here’s a list of soft play rooms in Alexandria:

  • Alexandria Soft Playroom at Chinquapin Park Rec Center
  • Patrick Henry Recreation Center | City of Alexandria, VA
  • William Ramsay Recreation Center
  • Charles Houston Recreation Center

Visit Hidden Pond Nature Center

The Hidden Pond Nature Center is home to a lovely pond full of ducks and geese. The playground is enclosed, providing extra security for parents. There’s also a gazebo and toddler-friendly walking trails. This is a great place to disconnect from the city.

Chessie’s Big Backyard

Chessie’s Big Backyard is a children’s outdoor play area that promotes outdoor exploration and interactive play. There are slides, swings, climbing structures, and even a splash pad for water play during the warmer months. In addition to the play structures, Chessie’s Big Backyard also includes picnic areas, walking trails, and open green spaces where families can relax.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, gather the troops, and prepare for an unforgettable family escapade in Alexandria! Whether exploring historic landmarks, frolicking in scenic parks, or unleashing your creativity at local attractions, Alexandria promises a whirlwind of excitement and joy for kids of all ages. Let the adventure begin!

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