Adult manatee with a baby calf floating in the water
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Not only are Manatees super cute, but they are also distant relatives to elephants. Unfortunately, Florida’s State Marine Mammal have been experiencing lots of destruction. Over 1000 manatees visit the Florida Springs to stay warm every winter. But climate change and other human-caused phenomenon are impacting their numbers. Some of the issues impacting manatees are:

  • the loss of warm water habitats
  • boat collisions
  • fishing net gear entanglement
  • plastic pollution
  • human harassment and pestering
  • harmful algal blooms

Adopting a manatee is a beautiful way to support conservation efforts for these cute mammals. Several organizations offer programs where you can symbolically adopt a manatee, financially supporting their care and protection. Here are a few reputable organizations with manatee adoption programs:

Save the Manatee Club

Adult manatee with a baby calf floating in the water

This organization offers a manatee adoption program where you can choose a manatee to adopt. Manatee supporters will receive different items based on their membership level. The membership includes a biography of their manatee, an official adoption certificate, a calendar, and more. Your adoption helps fund research, rescue, rehabilitation, and advocacy efforts to protect manatees and the Florida Springs. Visit their website for more information.

Manatee Lagoon – An FPL Eco-Discovery Center®

In West Palm Beach, Florida, Manatee Lagoon offers a manatee adoption program that supports manatee conservation and education efforts. Adopters receive a personalized adoption certificate and other perks. Their Manatee adoption program is a collaboration with Save the Manatee Club. Although they aren’t actively tracking manatees, they offer a Manatee Cam. The Manatee Cam offers underwater surveillance and aerial views of local manatee hot spots.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium :

Clearwater Marine Aquarium, famous for its resident dolphin Winter from the movie “Dolphin Tale,” also offers a manatee adoption program. Donating to this aquarium will support the rescue, research, and monitoring of manatees in the area. They are currently tracking over 65 manatees. Read here for active tracking of the manatees they’re researching.

Adopt a Manatee at Defenders of Wildlife

Defenders of Wildlife focuses on a wide range of wildlife conservation efforts and programs that support manatees. By adopting a manatee through Defenders of Wildlife, you contribute to their broader mission of protecting wildlife and their habitats.

Adopt a Manatee and Track It?

These organizations may send periodic updates via email or mail, including photos, videos, and information about the manatees you’ve adopted and their activities. While they may not offer real-time tracking like GPS monitoring, you can still stay informed about the well-being of your adopted manatee and the conservation efforts being undertaken to protect them.

These programs typically allow you to choose a specific manatee to “adopt” or support, and in return, you often receive a certificate of adoption, a photo of your adopted manatee, information about manatees and their conservation, and sometimes other perks like plush toys or stickers. Your support through these adoption programs helps fund research, rescue, rehabilitation, and conservation efforts to protect manatees and their habitats.

Manatee Plush Animal

A manatee plush animal is a great gift if you like cute and cuddly things. Here are a few links to purchase a manatee plush animal.

How Much Does it Cost to Adopt a Manatee?

It costs between $20 – 80 to adopt a manatee. Pricing depends on the program and membership tier.

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