photo of bright coral reef. Turtle swimming past coral reef
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Why Should We Care about our Coral Reefs?

Due to pollution, global warming, and overfishing, 50% of the world’s coral reefs have died, and 90% may die within the next 100 years. This will have catastrophic impacts on our global community.

People in developing countries will feel the brunt of the consequences if we don’t work together to restore coral reefs. Coral reefs play an essential role in the underwater animal and plant ecosystem. Without them, we may lose millions of fish, aquatic animals, and plant life. That will have a negative impact on fishermen and the local economy. This means fewer tourists flocking to see coral reefs and less tourism money for vulnerable communities. And since coral reefs offer natural coastal protection, community members are in greater danger when hurricanes or tropical storms hit.

10 Ways to Help Protect our Coral Reefs

  1. Wear reef-safe sunscreens. Avoid products with Octinoxate or Octocrylene. Check out our earlier blog for reef-friendly beauty recommendations.
  2. Volunteer for Beach and neighborhood cleanups. Plastic pollutes our waters and harms coral reefs and animals. You can check out this website to find local cleanups near you.
  3. Conserve Water. Less water usage means fewer toxins flowing into our oceans and lakes.
  4. Protect Coral Reef. Don’t touch the coral reef when diving or snorkeling. Take many photos as memories but don’t take pieces of the coral reef or animal shells.
  5. Use Boats Respectfully. Make sure to anchor in sandy areas away from coral and sea grasses.
  6. Use organic fertilizers in your garden and lawns. If not, inorganic fertilizers will flow in our water sources and may harm our ocean.
  7. Support reef-friendly businesses. Choose dive shops that respect our oceans. Do not give money to businesses that harm our oceans or engage in unsafe practices.
  8. Support and volunteer for organizations that protect coral reefs, oceans, lakes, water animals, and the environment.
  9. Continue to learn. Watch educational documentaries and join like-minded people in learning about our ocean.
  10. Share your love of the ocean with others. Gift a diving course to a young person you know or convince your friends to do an ocean cleanup with you.

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