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What Should You Pack on a Dive Trip?

Why is a dive trip packing list important? Because we’ve all been there before. You spend weeks researching the best dive companies, resorts, and cameras. You’re counting down the days until you’ll be in the ocean blowing bubbles. You finally reach your destination and everyone’s telling you about the octopus they just saw. You begin doing your buddy check and that’s when you realize… you forgot your Go-Pro batteries.

Don’t ruin a good trip. Download this dive trip packing list and check it twice! Because speaking from experience, people NEED to see your elite photography and swimming without booties suck.

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The Ultimate Dive Trip Packing List Printable

Best Luggage for a Dive Trip

Once you start scuba diving, you can pretty much kiss #TeamCarryOnOnly goodbye. I strongly recommend bringing at least two bags when going on a dive trip. One bag should be a dedicated dive bag while the other can house all of your vacation essentials. There are a few different types of dive bags with various pros and cons. Mesh bags allow your items to dry fast but don’t stand up well to airport baggage handlers. A dive bag with wheels makes transporting lots of gear super easy but usually takes up a lot of space. Dive bags in a backpack style are usually small enough to use as a carry-on but are too small for freediving fins. I traveled with the Cressi Long Fin Bag on a freediving trip and it was big enough to fit 1 pair of extra-long freediving fins, 1 pair of scuba diving fins, and a snorkel set. When I flew Etihad Airways the overhead bins were too small so I think it’s easier to check them in a hardcase freediving case.

Amazon Dive Trip Packing List

What Should I Pack for a Liveaboard?

In addition to the items listed above, there are a few more things I would pack for a liveaboard. Number one on my list is Seasickness medication. You should get used to the ocean by day 2 but it never hurts to have it. Electrolytes like the infamous Liquid IV is a lifesaver!

Here are a few other things to pack on a liveaboard:

  • 3mm Wetsuits because it gets colder the more you dive.
  • Books
  • Comfortable, breathable clothing
  • Magnetic hooks for hanging items to dry
  • Multiple bathing suits
  • Changing Poncho
  • Cash for tipping the crew

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