Black mermaid with blonde braids holding on to a shipwreck underwater in Amed Bali
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So you’ve caught the mermaid bug, and you’re looking for other mermaids to follow on Instagram. There are a plethora of professional and hobbyist mermaids on social media. Following mermaids on Instagram can help you figure out your mermaid persona, find a local pod, and stay in the loop of upcoming mermaid conventions and events.

Some of my Favorite Mermaids on Instagram

Hannah the Mermaid

Hannah is an OG of mermaiding. Her posing skills are out of this world. I love her creativity and her dedication to social issues impacting us all.

The Mindful Mermaid

Mermaid Elle

Mermaid Elle is such an icon. She has a children’s show on YouTube that teaches children about environmental issues. She also teaches professional mermaiding courses. Her content is fun and engaging.

Carrie Wata

Carrie Wata is the Bad Gyal of Mermaiding. Her style is unique and I believe she co-owns Afro Mermaid, a hub for Black and Brown mermaids and merfolk. She was also featured in the Netflix film, Merpeople.

Puerto Rico Mermaid

InstaMermaid Mary

Mermaid Che Monique

The Filipina Mermaid

Mermaid Kariel


The American Mermaid

Mermaid Eugenia

Sea Candy Swim

Afro Mermaid

Afro Mermaid is a hub for Black and Brown mermaids and merfolk. It’s one of my favorite instagram mermaid pages. They host the Mermaid Summit annually. It’s open to all people so definitely check it out. Book your tickets early.

South Florida Siren


Mermaid Kalila

Mermaid Nikki

The Drifting Siren

Everyday Mermaid

Meeka the Mermaid

That’s me! Meeka the Mermaid (for SEO purposes wink wink) is passionate about ocean conservation and helping people fall in love with the ocean. Follow me on Instagram. I follow back 🙂

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