six mermaids holding hands underwater in Amed Bali
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So you want to become a PADI Certified Mermaid? Welcome to the pod! We need more mermaids and mermen in the world. Ocean lovers with impeccable style? Who can hate that.

My Mermaid Story

How did I become a mermaid? Long story short, I was born one.


As pisces who grew up around the ocean, it was inevitable. Some of my dearest memories are going to the beach with my family and finding pretty seashells (read here for eco-friendly tips for the ocean). But becoming a certified mermaid is another story.

I did my certification training in Bali through Dive Arts Academy with instructor Befalia. My certification took 2-3 days, including pool and open-water sessions. The hardest part for me was being graceful in the water. Remembering to breathe and still look cute takes practice, but it gets easier over time.

To become a certified Mermaid you must complete training and certification through PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), SSI or NAUI. All three are renowned organizations that provide scuba diving and underwater training.

How To Become a PADI Advanced Mermaid:

six mermaids holding hands underwater in Amed Bali
Photo taken by @nicholas.kouvaras in Amed, Bali
  1. Basic Mermaiding Certification: Start by obtaining a basic mermaiding certification, which may include introductory courses on swimming with a mermaid tail, breath-holding techniques, and safety protocols. Look for mermaid schools or instructors offering beginner-level courses in your area. Check out their social media to make sure you like the vibe of their teaching. Traveling abroad is also an option, but starting local and creating lifelong friendships with other mermaids in your area is great. Basic Mermaiding certification does not support mermaiding in the ocean. To become certified to wear your mermaid tail in the sea, you must get your Advanced Mermaid certification.
  2. Scuba Diving Certification: While not mandatory for mermaiding, having a scuba diving certification can broaden your skillset and increase your underwater confidence. Consider completing PADI Open Water Diver and PADI Advanced Open Water Diver courses to gain proficiency in scuba diving techniques, buoyancy control, and underwater navigation. These skills can complement your mermaiding abilities and allow you to confidently explore aquatic environments.
  3. Advanced Mermaiding Training: Seek out advanced mermaiding training programs or workshops that focus on developing specialized skills for mermaids, such as underwater modeling, performance techniques, and advanced tail-swimming maneuvers. Mermaid schools may offer these programs, experienced instructors or professional mermaids with expertise in the field. The more you practice, the easier it becomes.
  4. Safety and First Aid Training: Prioritize safety by completing courses in CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), first aid, and emergency response. These skills ensure your and others’ safety during mermaiding activities, especially in aquatic environments.
  5. Practice and Experience: Continuously practice and refine your mermaiding skills through regular training sessions, underwater rehearsals, and performance opportunities. Gain experience by participating in mermaid events, photo shoots, and underwater performances to showcase your talents and build your reputation as a skilled mermaid performer. MerApp, is an app that was developed to help mermaids find new mermaid friends and events.
  6. Stay Informed and Updated: Stay informed about the latest developments, trends, and safety guidelines in the mermaiding industry. Attend workshops, conferences, and networking events to connect with fellow mermaids, learn from experienced professionals, and stay updated on best practices for mermaid performance and safety.

Essential Gear

I don’t recommend buying silicone mermaid tails until you are certified. Silicone mermaid tails range from about $2,000- $6,000 and can take months to make. Most people start out with fabric tails. Some tail makers are Cape Cali, FinFolk Productions, and Mertailor. You’ll also want to buy a monofin to put in the tails. Make sure your monofin matches the size of your fabric tail. Some popular monofins are the Mahina Monofin and the Linden Monofin.

By following these steps and investing time and effort into your training and development, you can become a skilled and certified PADI Advanced Mermaid, equipped to safely and confidently explore the underwater world as a mermaid performer.

In an ocean full of fish, be a mermaid


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