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I am the queen of long layovers. Sometimes it feels like a two-in-one trip. The free Singapore Layover Tour at Changi Airport is one of Singapore’s best kept secrets. It’s a great way to explore local culture and landmarks. But if you’re like me, you’re probaly trying to decide if it’s best to spend your layover taking a tour or exploring things on your own. Hopefully this article will help you make the best choice for yourself.

Who is Eligible for the Free Singapore Layover Tour?

Travelers transitioning through Changi Airport are able to participate in the free Singapore Layover Tour. If Changi Airport is your final destination, you are not eligible for the tour. Your layover must be over 5.5 hours and less than 24 hours. Tour participants must go through immigration, and your travel documents will be checked.

How do you Sign up for Free Tour?

The simpliest way to sign up for the free Singapore Tour is to register online. The other option involves a bit more steps.

After your flight lands head to the Singapore Tour Help Desk in Terminal 2 or 3. There are Help Desks at Level 2, Departure Transit Hall, near Gate F50, or Level 2, Departure Transit Hall, near Gate A1-A8.

Because there is usually a very long line and seats fill up quickly, I advise registering online. You will still have to wait in line, but at least your seat will be saved. Make sure you have your passport, boarding pass, visa, and tour booking confirmation.

You cannot bring your carry-on luggage so make sure to drop it off at the nearest storage place. It isn’t free, but the tour desk usually provides a coupon. You cannot leave your laptop at the baggage storage so you’ll have to bring it. You can leave it on the bus during the tour.

Layover Tour Options

If you decide to partake in the Free Singapore Layover Tour , you can choose from 4 different tour options. Each tour runs at different times of the day so you’ll be limited to one that fits your schedule. Here is a summary of the four options.

The Changi Preceint Tour: If this is your only tour option, I strongly advise that you just explore the airport instead. I didn’t enjoy this tour at all. We visited a housing center that was connected to a mall. It was a unique housing situation, but there wasn’t much to do except eat. And you don’t get enough time to eat comfortably. Make sure you bring cash because most places don’t accept credit cards. We also visited Changi Beach and it was very disappointing. It isn’t a beautiful beach at all. The water was very dark and you cannot swim. Each stop was like 25 minutes and the only thing you could do was eat. The tour guide was pretty cool though.

City Sights Tour: The City Sights Tour allows you to see the iconic Supertree Grove and other city highlights. It’s a very instagrammable stop.

Jewel Walking Tour: The Jewel Walking Tour is inside of the airport and shows you some of the best things to see there. You’ll visit the Rain Vortex, the canopy park, and some interactive games. I think it’s a good option if you don’t like exploring solo. I would recommend doing your own solo tour instead. That way, you can go at your own pace and stop at restaurants along the way.

Heritage Tour: The Heritage Tour is great for culture lovers. You’ll visit Chinatown,  Kampong Gelam, and the Singapore River. It’s nice for learning about the diversy of Indonesia but time is limited.

Is the Free Singapore Layover Tour Worth it?

It depends on what ‘s important to you. I think the City and Heritage Tours may be worth it but I would strongly recommend exploring the world’s greatest airport instead.

Does Singapore Airlines Provide a Hotel for Long Layover?

No, Singapore Airlines does not provide a hotel room for long layovers. There are lots of hotels nearby though. You can also hang out in one of the lounges for a few hours.

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