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Top 20 Cheap & Mind-Blowing Places To Visit In 2023

2023 is the year of the Traveler. With so many travel content & resources being created, you have ample time to plan your perfect trip. The easiest way to travel more is to save money. By traveling to these cheap and extraordinary places, you can save money while visiting some of the most beautiful places on earth.

The Gambia

Photo by Wim van ‘t Einde on Unsplash

1 USD = 62.12 Gambian Dalasi

Average Cost of Meal at Mid-Range Restaurant ( 2 People/3 Courses): $24.15

Average Hotel Room: $75/ a night

The Gambia is a great place for delicious and cheap food & fascinating cultural tours. Kunta Kinteh Island is one of the most common destinations to learn more about African culture and the history of the slave trade.

Attractions: Kunta Kinteh Island, Kachikally Crocodile Pool, Brikama Craft Market


Photo by Rc Cf on Unsplash

1 USD = 4.40 Malaysian Ringgit

Average Meal Cost: $14

Average Hotel Room: $44/ a night

Malaysia is well known for its safety, diversity, & for being a Halal Foodie’s playland. Malaysia promotes its multicultrulism and beautiful beaches.

Attractions: Petronas Twin Towers, Langkawi, Batu Caves

Costa Rica

La Fortuna Waterfalls

1 USD = 591.11 Costa Rican Colon

Average Meal Cost: $20

Average Hotel Room: $110/per night

Costa Rica is ideal for people who love nature, surfing, scuba diving, eco-tourism, and amazing food. Costa Ricans are very friendly and there’s so much to do. You’ll be awed at their high regard of renewable energy & eco-friendly living.

Attractions: La Fortuna Volcano, Playa Del Coco, Limon African Heritage Carnival


1 USD = 23,470.00 Vietnamese Dong

Average Meal Cost: $12/ meal:

Average Hotel Room: $34/ night

Vietnam should be on everyone’s bucketlist. It’s affordable with some of the most beautiful views in the world. Visit temples and explore various cities. Take a cruise in Halong Bay or go snorkeling. Cheap and delicious foods on every corner.

Attractions: Halong Bay, Temple of Literature, Cu Chi Tunnel, The Marble Mountains

Cape Verde

Photo by Victor Svistunov on Unsplash

1 USD = 104.32 Cape Verdean Escudo

Average Meal Cost: $ 20/ meal

Average Hotel Room: $63/ a night

Cape Verde is a beautiful West African country. The local language is Portuguese and Creole. Cape Verde is known for its volcanic islands, tropical climate, and incredible beaches. Cape Verde is a great cheap, affordable option for those who want to visit a different side of West Africa.

Attractions: Buracona- Blue Eye Cave, The Pier Santa Maria, Salinas de Pedra de Lume


Photo by Snowscat on Unsplash

1 USD = 11,325.00 Uzbekistani Som

Average Meal Cost: $ 13/ a meal

Average Hotel Room: $47/ a night

Uzbekistan is a lesser-known travel destination in Central Asia. It is famous for its craft workshops, historical ruins, & intricately decorated Masjids. Uzbekistan was once a great center for learning Islamic art & religious teachings. Rice pilaf is their national dish and a must-have when visiting.

Attractions: Chorsu Bazaar, Registon Square, Shah-i-Zinda


Photo by Mark de Jong on Unsplash

1 USD = 110.85 Albanian Lek

Average Meal Cost: $18 a meal

Average Hotel Room: $51 / a night

If visiting Greece, try to make time for a trip to Albania. Or better yet, make Albania a separate trip. The beaches in Albania are as beautiful as the ones in Greece, but everything is cheaper. Defiantly a must-visit during the summer.

Attractions: The Blue Eye, Castle of Gjirokastra, Et’hem Bej Mosque, & Butrint Archaeologial Park


Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

1 USD = 33.88 Thai Baht

Average Meal Cost: $15 a meal

Average Hotel Room: $39 a night

Thailand is one of the most sought travel destinations of 2023. That’s no surprise because Thailand is a food haven with an endless supply of street food and gourmet eateries. In addition to Thailand’s gastronomy, there are beautiful temples, beaches, and ample wildlife.

Attractions: Phi Phi Islands, The Big Budda, Play with Elephants


Photo by mulugeta wolde on Unsplash

1 USD = 53.90 Ethiopian Birr

Average Meal Cost: $ 14 a meal

Average Hotel Room: $58 a night

If you’re looking for rich culture and history, Ethiopia is the place for you. It is very affordable, with 9 UNESCO Historical sites. Although being the capital, most tourists find most of the exciting stuff outside of Addis Ababa.

Attractions: Lalibela, Gondar, Simien Mountains National Park


Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

1 USD = 4,860.00 Colombian Peso

Average Meal Cost: $13 a meal

Average Hotel Room: $47 a night

Colombia is very diverse and known for its fantastic food & rich culture.

Attractions: Cartagena, Castle San Felipe de Barajas


Photo by Alain Bonnardeaux on Unsplash

1 USD = 6.92 Bolivian Boliviano

Average Meal Cost: $ 18 a meal

Average Hotel Room: $63 a night

Bolivia is known for its cute llamas and breathtaking salt flats.

Attractions: Uyuni Salt Flat, Lake Titicaca, Valle de la Luna


Photo by Mikel | ᜋᜒᜃᜒᜎ᜔ on Unsplash

1 USD = 55.52 Philippine Peso

Average Meal Cost: $ 13 a meal

Average Hotel Room: $53 a night

The Philippines is known as “The Pearl” of Asia, and it lives up to the hype. Rich in culture and beauty, but also very affordable.

Attractions: Chocolate Hills, Banaue Rice Terraces, Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park


Photo by Murenzi Emery on Unsplash

1 USD = 1,072.00 Rwandan Franc

Average Meal Cost: $ 17 a meal

Average Hotel Room: $71 a night

Rwanda should be a poster child for lots of other countries. Rwandans are very eco-friendly. One day a month, entire communities come out to perform community service. On those days, driving cars in not permitted. Lots of people also visit Rwanda to go gorilla trekking.

Attractions: Kigali Genocide Memorial, Lake Kivu, Nyungwe Forest National Park

Republic of Georgia

Photo by Georgi Guruli on Unsplash

1 USD = 2.70 Georgian Lari

Average Meal Cost: $ 24 a meal

Average Hotel Room: $54 a night

No, not the Georgia that houses Atlanta, The Republic of Georgia is known for its food and winemaking, polyphonic folk singing, and medieval monasteries monasteries.

Attractions: Tbilisi, Chronocile of Georgia, Vardzia Cave Monastrey


Photo by Aleksandra Dementeva on Unsplash

1 USD = 396.37 Armenian Dram

Average Meal Cost: $ 20 a meal

Average Hotel Room: $63 a night

When people say Armenia, some think about the Kardashians, but there is so much more to Armenia. Armenia has beautiful castles, a rich culture, and delectable cuisine.

Attractions: Cascade Complex, Pagan Temple of Garni, Tsitsernakaberd Armenian Genocide Memorial Complex


Photo by Vicky T on Unsplash

1 USD = 4,120.00 Cambodian riel

Average Meal Cost: $ 17 a meal

Average Hotel Room:$48 a night

Cambodia has beautiful beaches, fantastic food, and unique architecture.

Attractions: Angkor Wat, Prasat Preah Vihear, Tonlé Sap Lake


Photo by Rohan Reddy on Unsplash

1 USD = 63.83 Mozambican Metical

Average Meal Cost: $ 25 a meal

Average Hotel Room: $89 a night

Mozambique is a water lover’s dream. It will know for its beautiful waters and wildlife. Home to some of the most transparent water and some of the best seafood n the world.

Attractions: Bazaruto Archipelago National Marine Park, Fortaleza de Sao Sebastao


1 USD = 1,024.00 Malawian Kwacha

Average Meal Cost: $ 16 a meal

Average Hotel Room: $103

Malawi is an uncommon destination with friendly people and a unique biodiversity.  Lake Malawi contains the most significant number of fish species in the world Most of the land is still rural, with most of Malawi’s exports being agriculture based.

Attractions: Lake of Stars, Safari, Chongoni Rock Art Area

Photo by Maria Zardoya on Unsplash


1 USD = 10.34 Moroccan Dirham

Average Meal Cost: $ 15 a meal

Average Hotel Room: $72/ a night

There are so many exciting cities in Morocco. 10+ days in Morocco would only scratch the surface. Morocco can be visited on a backpacker’s budget or a luxurious bucket list.

Attractions: Majorelle-Yves Saint Laurent Mansion Garden, Essaouira, “The Blue City” Chefchaouen

Photo by Kyriacos Georgiou on Unsplash

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